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Yes, Your Air Conditioner Has an Indoor Unit!

One of the most common misconceptions we hear of amongst homeowners is the belief that their central air conditioning system is merely an outdoor unit connected to some ducts that bring conditioned air inside. Many individuals might not even realize when they move into a new home that they do in fact have an indoor unit.

The indoor unit works seamlessly—or at least when it’s functioning properly it does—with your outdoor unit to keep your home comfortable all summer long. This component of your air conditioner is typically located in an attic, basement, closet, or garage and is near where your furnace is located.

What Is the Indoor Unit’s Function?

This section of your cooling system contains your evaporator coil, for starters. This is the component that allows for refrigerant—a chemical blend of fluids—to evaporate and absorb the heat around it. Once heat it absorbed from inside your home, it is expelled outside and you are left with cool air being sent into your home.

This process can be compared to that of how water absorbs heat form your stove in order to boil or evaporate. Essentially, both refrigerant and water have the ability to turn form a liquid to a vapor as they absorb the surrounding heat.

So What Does the Outside Unit Do?

The outside component of your air conditioner is likely the part you’re more familiar with. Typically located in the rear or side of your home, it’s where the heat from inside your house is dispersed. This unit is comprised of the compressor, condenser coil, and a fan. These components work together to move the refrigerant throughout the entire system to be reused.

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