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Why Ductless Air Conditioning Systems May Be Right for You

What is ductless air conditioning? It is an innovation that has already existed for decades, but was originally restricted to business use. Now ductless mini splits (as they are often called) have entered homes in a big way because of their huge advantages in comfort, savings, and convenience.

The basic way that a ductless system works is this: Instead of having a single indoor and outdoor unit (an evaporator and a condenser) like standard air conditioners and heat pumps, a ductless mini split uses multiple blower units on the indoors that hook up independently to the outdoor condenser. Each blower contains a fan and coil and blows conditioned air directly into a room—no ducts necessary!

Ductless systems will not match every home or family. Contact DB Heating & Cooling when you are interested in finding out if a ductless air conditioning in Emerson, NJ is right for you. We will help you make the choice and then install whatever system will best do the job.

Reasons you should consider ductless air conditioning:

  • They also provide heat: Ductless mini splits are heat pumps—which means they can switch over to heating mode whenever you no longer need to run the AC during the end of the year. You have a two-in-one comfort solution.
  • More building and design freedom: If you are planning to remodel your house or build a new one, ductless systems give you more freedom for design without worrying about ducts getting in the way or gobbling up valuable space. Ductless mini splits are also excellent for add-on rooms, since you won’t have to resize and reinstall a new air conditioner/heat pump to accommodate the large space.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Without ductwork, you won’t have a reservoir for dust and dirt to collect in the ventilation system and get blown out into the air. No more regular duct cleaning jobs to keep them clean; you have no ductwork to worry about at all, and that means cleaner air and an increase in overall indoor air quality.
  • Energy savings: Because you no longer need to cool (or heat) every room when you turn on your comfort system, you’ll save money. You can shut off the air to empty guest rooms or dining rooms that no one is using. This will save large amounts of money off your utility bills, and the people who live in your home will have individual control over the temperatures wherever they are… and that means a happier household all around.

Ducted or Ductless? We’re ready to help you choose!

Whether a ductless system will do the optimum job for you depends on your home.

Call DB Heating & Cooling for a consultation to decide if installing ductless air conditioning in Emerson, NJ is your best path to many years of comfort and increased savings.

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