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Spring Is Coming: Why You Should Maintain Your AC Equipment

When the springtime comes, you look forward to a break from the cold and a chance to spend some more time outdoors. What you may not think about so much is the fact that, eventually, the outside heat will make the chance to go indoors and cool off seem like such a relief. And when this time comes, you need your air conditioner to run smoothly.

However, your AC unit has been sitting around for a couple of seasons without any usage. Chances are high that it’s collected a lot of dust and debris in the outdoor components, and maybe some in the indoor blower unit. There could be some wear and tear from last year that may affect system performance, or there may be a part in need of repair you just don’t know about yet.

How a Technician Can Help before Problems Start

Air conditioning maintenance takes care of these types of issues. When you call an air conditioning technician to your home for a tune-up in the spring, you can expect them to perform the following tasks:

  • A thorough inspection of the major components.
  • Adjustments of settings, electrical connections, and more.
  • Cleaning the outside coil and other components as needed.

This comes with many benefits, including:

  • Better efficiency – You might notice that your cooling costs are even lower than they were last year, since all of the components are running more smoothly after a tune-up.
  • Cooler temperatures – Sometimes, it seems like the temperature in the room isn’t quite the same as the temperature on the thermostat. A tune-up may take care of this. But keep in mind, if you’re noticing major problems with your AC, maintenance is not the right service for you. Instead, call for repairs ASAP.
  • Longer system life – The air conditioner may even run smoothly for a while longer than it usually would when you schedule services each and every year, change filters regularly, and fix problems right away.

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