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How to Prevent HVAC Emergencies

Not all HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repairs are going to be 100% avoidable. However, there are certainly steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of having to deal with an emergency repair. Some of the most common emergency calls we get include water damage, no heat/cooling, and the smell of gas. Our staff is well prepared for an HVAC emergency of any kind. However, we do have some tips below to share with you that may help you avoid a HVAC emergency to begin with.

Schedule Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is called such for a reason. Simply put, routine maintenance prevents repairs and system breakdowns. During your maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician will come inspect your entire system to determine if any adjustments and repairs are needed. If they make any recommendations for minor repairs at this time, it’s vital that you get it taken care of right away to avoid those small issues from becoming larger ones. After each annual maintenance appointment, your HVAC system will run with less stress and a reduced chance of suffering from malfunction or breakdown.

Keep an Eye on Your Thermostat

This may come as a surprise, but many heating and cooling problems are actually caused by the thermostat, not the HVAC unit itself. The reason for this is if you change your thermostat too frequently, then it forces your system to work harder in order to adjust the temperature. This can lead to an early breakdown in even the best-maintained HVAC system. It’s best to find a temperature that will keep you comfortable throughout the day, and perhaps set adjust it once before going to bed, and keep your thermostat set to that consistent temperature.

Keep Your Unit Free of Debris

Whether it’s your furnace or your outdoor compressor, keeping it clear of dirt and debris is essential to preventing emergency repairs. Debris can block airflow, decreasing your HVAC system’s efficiency as well as your indoor air quality. Additionally, this can eventually cause your system to breakdown. Be sure to keep the space around your HVAC system free and clear.

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