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Do I Need Refrigerant Every Year?

From time to time, we get calls from customers asking for a maintenance visit, telling us they’d like an inspection and tune-up, along with a refrigerant (or Freon) charge. And this is where we often have to ask some questions. Has your air conditioning system recently started acting up? Have you noticed that temperatures seem a little too high lately? Then adding refrigerant to the system is probably not your best bet.

Air conditioners don’t lose refrigerant naturally

It’s a common misconception that some amount of refrigerant (also often called by the name “Freon”) will leave an air conditioner each year. Refrigerant is a key component of your AC system. It moves heat from the inside of your home to the outside as it turns from a liquid to a gas and back again, absorbing heat from the indoor air and releasing heat outside.

Heat does dissipate from the system, but, ideally, refrigerant should not. These systems were designed to keep refrigerant contained within the system, since it is such a vital component to the performance of your AC unit.

So why do some companies charge for more refrigerant each year?

When air conditioning systems lose refrigerant throughout the year, it’s because there is a leak. In order to solve the problem, a technician has to fix the leak. But some technicians choose to ignore this fact, telling the customer only that more refrigerant is necessary. This way, they can avoid the trouble of having to search for a leak, and they’ll benefit from keeping a customer around who relies on them to refill this chemical blend from time to time.

Call a quality company with positive reviews and a history of customer service if you want to see that the job is done right. An honest, reliable company will find the source of the problem and help you understand your options for repair. When you get the issue under control, you might notice better performance and efficiency from your unit, and you’ll have to make fewer calls to the technician.

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