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How Duct Sealing Helps Your Comfort and Your Air Conditioner

duct-being-professionally-sealedThe ductwork attached to HVAC systems is one of those things that homeowners often don’t pay much attention to. After all, they’re out of sight, and therefore out of mind too, until they start to make your energy bills skyrocket.

When it comes to properly caring for your air duct system, it’s important to know what that means. Your air ducts are designed to bring the air that’s cooled or heated from the HVAC system into the rooms of your living space efficiently and effectively without that conditioned air being lost to the outside.

When your air ducts leak, however, it can account for a loss of about 30% of your conditioned air–conditioned air that you are paying for. Fortunately, all you have to do if you are having ductwork issues, all you need to do is call our team! One of the many methods we use to ensure the proper functionality of ductwork is air duct sealing.

The Benefits of Professional Duct Sealing

This probably isn’t the most exciting topic you could be reading about right now, but it may be one of the most useful! Especially if you’re trying to manage your budget and increase your home’s efficiency and comfort.

Having your air ducts professionally sealed will help keep your home comfy, efficient, and will also help improve your quality of life. Read on to learn how:

Increased Comfort: Have you noticed hot spots in your home this summer? Or maybe cold spots last winter? This can be because not enough conditioned air is able to travel through your ductwork without leaking out. Getting your ducts sealed will remedy this.

Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Particles like chemical fumes, dust, pollen, and other potentially harmful contaminants can enter your air duct system when there is a breach. Getting your system sealed forces it to only deal with fresh air that comes from your heater or air conditioner.

Better Efficiency: When your HVAC system sends air through the vents only for it to leak out into your attic, crawlspace, or even outdoors, it wrecks your efficiency. Your thermostat will keep signaling your air conditioner to run to try to achieve your desired temperature, which means the AC is consuming more power than it should have to in order to do its job. This typically also leads to a shorter system lifespan and increased repair needs, not to mention higher energy bills.

Environmentally Friendly: Waste is never a good thing. When your air ducts are leaking, you can expect around 30% of your conditioned air to leak into places where it’s wasted, like we mentioned above. Imagine cooking dinner every night and throwing 30% of what you cooked away? You’d find this pretty wasteful.

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