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two-technicians-working-on-outside-ac-unitIf your air conditioner is showing unusual symptoms, even if it’s running “okay,” it’s probably time to give us a call. What we run into fairly often with residential air conditioning systems is that homeowners wait until the air conditioner breaks down completely to call us. By then, whatever repair need they had likely grew into something unnecessarily expensive to repair. We say unnecessarily because the truth is, most repair needs show symptoms that could be managed far sooner.

Admittedly, these symptoms are usually subtle, and homeowners often don’t know what to look or listen for. We get it! That’s why we’re writing this blog post, so you do know what to look for, and so you can give us a call at the first sign of trouble. Read on to learn about the symptoms of an air conditioner in disrepair!

Your Air Conditioner Is Making a Weird Noise

You can almost always trust your gut on this one. You likely know the day-to-day noises your air conditioner makes–the compressor starting up and shutting down, the gentle rattle of your ductwork as air travels through them and the temperature fluctuates, the whoosh of air coming through your vents. Anything outside of those noises should be cause for concern, and we really do mean anything.

While some repair needs may be totally minor and a natural part of wear and tear, they should still be managed right away so they don’t grow into bigger, more expensive needs. For instance, if you hear a hissing noise, this can indicate a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is the chemical substance that makes the cooling process possible in your air conditioner. Without it, your compressor will struggle to operate, the coils could freeze, and eventually, your air conditioner will break down completely.

This is just one example! Other noises you might detect if your AC is in disrepair include clanging, banging, grinding, and intense rattling.

The Air Coming through the Vents is Weak or Warm

Is the air coming through the vents of your air conditioner weak? Low airflow can be indicative of a few different possible issues. For one, you may have a breach in your ductwork. A tear or hole can account for up to 30% of air loss–that’s conditioned air that you are paying for! Low airflow could alternatively be caused by a clogged air filter. You should be changing this air filter every 1-3 months during periods of HVAC use to prevent this, and this is the first thing you should check if you’re experiencing low airflow.

Warm air coming through your vents is another problem homeowners experience. Again, this can be minor–it may have been that someone in your household accidentally put your AC on “fan-only” mode via the thermostat. Check here first! Or it could be a refrigerant leak like we mentioned above.

At the end of the day, if your air conditioner is showing any concerning symptoms at all, then it’s always worth giving the professionals a call to get it checked out.

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