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Does Your AC Need Replacement Instead of Another Costly Repair?

Air conditioning systems are made to be durable, but no system lasts forever. However, sometimes it can be hard to determine whether or not it’s worth repairing your system instead of replacing it. There are some key factors to weigh when deciding between repair versus replacement, and the experts at DB Heating & Cooling have listed some of these key factors for you to review.

Factor 1: Age of Your System

The age of your existing AC system is critical because traditional air conditioning systems have an average lifespan of 10-15 years. As such, if your AC is has reached this age or is over it, you run a greater chance of dealing with continued problems as the system starts to break down.

Factor 2: Performance

Aging systems, or poorly performing systems, show poor performance through energy inefficiency, uneven cooling, or being unable to meet your cooling needs. An AC that performs poorly can cost you a great deal of extra money in energy costs as it struggles to keep up with demand.

Factor 3: Excessive Repairs

If your air conditioner has required repair after repair to stay operable, it’s time to examine those costs and to see if it is worthwhile to keep making repairs, or if your money is better spent on a new, reliable system.

Work with an Expert

A trained air conditioning professional, like the ones at DB Heating & Cooling, can help assess the ability of your existing air conditioner and compare it to a possible replacement. This can help you decide if you are better off sticking with your current AC or replacing it with a new system. If you choose to replace your air conditioning system, our experts will help size and install your new AC so that you enjoy years of fresh, cool air in your Waldwick, NJ, home.

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