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Does My Ductless System Need Maintenance?

Ductless systems, whether used for both heating and cooling or just cooling, can be easy systems to manage, giving the impression that they either don’t need maintenance or need very little. Every air conditioning system needs maintenance, whether it is ductless or ducted, to keep it operating well. How often should you maintain your ductless system? That depends on what type of system you have.

Cooling Only

If you have a ductless system that only provides cooling, annual maintenance will keep your system in good shape. But when we say “maintenance” we mean a professional maintenance appointment in which your system is given a full-tune up. Our pros will thoroughly inspect your outdoor unit, all the blowers and the conduits, clean the components, lubricate all the moving parts, change the air filters, check the refrigerant and condensate lines, then run performance tests to make sure you system is working optimally.

Ductless Cooling and Heating

If your ductless system provides your home with both heating and cooling, your system has a heat pump. Heat pumps work twice as hard as separate heating and cooling systems because the one device provides all your HVAC needs. As such, it is important to schedule your ductless HVAC for maintenance twice a year: once for heating season and once for cooling season. When you call our pros for maintenance, your system will be given a full tune-up each time.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Maintenance is important for the following reasons:

  • It extends the life of your system and its components
  • It helps prevent repair needs
  • It keeps your system energy efficient
  • It allows your system to meet your cooling (and heating) needs without struggling

Do you need to schedule your ductless cooling or ductless system in Westwood, NJ for professional maintenance? Give the experts at DB Heating & Cooling a call today!

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