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Why Duct Cleaning Should be a Part of Spring Cleaning in Bergen County

Spring cleaning is a popular activity across America. As soon as it’s warm enough to open our windows and doors to air out our home, we find new ways of getting more organized, of removing unnecessary belongings, and tidying up around the home. While most homeowners welcome spring cleaning duties, many overlook the hidden system of ductwork in the walls and ceilings. After all, it’s not as easy as vacuuming or cleaning the shower. Fortunately, the experts at DB Heating & Cooling have it all figured out. For duct cleaning in Bergen County, call us today!

Here are some reasons why you should make duct cleaning part of your annual spring cleaning routine:

  • Air quality. This is one of the best ways to improve your air quality. As heated and cooled air passes through your ductwork, it picks up dust, debris, and any microbial growth inside. Dirty ducts can make these substances airborne and circulate them throughout your home. For homeowners with sensitive allergies, this can be hazardous.
  • Energy-efficiency. Dirty ductwork can account for significant energy loss, without periodic cleaning. Even the smallest layer of dust can adversely affect the volume of conditioned air that reaches your living room or bedroom.
  • System lifespan. Another reason to clean your ducts is to extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Dust and debris buildup not only affect the passage of air and the quality of the indoor air, they also impact all of the system’s components. They can increase the wear and tear on motors and fans, for example.
  • Mold growth. While there are other ways to prevent mold throughout your home, duct cleaning is a great way to ensure that mold doesn’t become a problem in your house. As a potentially harmful health risk, mold also spreads quickly given the right humidity conditions.

Duct cleaning should be part of each household’s spring cleaning. It improves the air quality of your home, and it can help you save money on your energy costs. For duct cleaning in Bergen County, call the experts at DB Heating & Cooling today! 

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