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When is Duct Cleaning Necessary for My Westwood, NJ Home?

The ductwork in your home distributes cool air from your central air conditioning system. Without it, your system wouldn’t be able to adequately cool your home. In towns like Westwood, NJ, with high summer temperatures and equally high humidity, your ducts are a vital component to keeping your home comfortable.  Duct cleaning is hardly the most exciting way to spend your money, but it may be a necessary one: especially if you used your air conditioning system regularly.

When air circulates throughout the ductwork system, it also carries with it dust, debris and airborne particles. Good filters on your air conditioning system can mitigate that a great deal, but when those filters become clogged, or when the ducts spring leaks along the way, then dust can creep in. As the amount builds up, it circulates through your home. Sensitive family members or those with allergies may find their symptoms worsening. On a less severe note, excessive dust build-up can decrease air flow through your ducts, forcing you air conditioning unit to work harder and resulting in higher energy bills accordingly.

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests a duct cleaning if you can spot mold growing on your vents or other components in the duct system, or if the ducts become excessively clogged (i.e., the air flow from your air conditioning unit is reduced). Either way, they strongly suggest retaining a trained expert to conduct the operation. A qualified technician will utilize tools and techniques that do the job cleanly and accurately, improving the quality of your air in the process. A less professional service may not create adequate seals, resulting in larger amounts of dust release into your home. In the worst cases, they might damage your duct system, creating leaks and further contributing to the problem.

If you believe that your ducts need cleaning, either because the signs of excessive dust are obvious or you believe that it’s contributing to allergic reactions, then it pays to call in a professional. DB Heating & Cooling has duct cleaning experts on staff and handles calls for house servicing all over Westwood, NJ. We are devoted to absolute customer satisfaction, so give us a call today!

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