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Why Regular Heating Maintenance Is a Fall Essential


September still is partially the summer season. But when October arrives, you know it’s the fall, and that means it’s time to start preparing your home to handle colder temperatures ahead. We want you to enjoy your fall season to the fullest, but we also want to make sure you’re ready for when temperatures take a serious plunge in winter. The best way to prepare is with a true “Fall Classic”—professional heating maintenance.

We tell our customers that heating maintenance is one of the essential services they can schedule for their home. Why? Well, for one, it’s the easiest way to avoid having to call us later for an emergency heating repair in Bergen County, NJ. But there are many reasons why this is such an important fall task…

Let’s stay safe!

When it comes to staying safe through the winter, you need to have a heating system that keeps you safe both by providing warmth and by not becoming its own safety hazard. Most homeowners in the area use natural gas furnaces, and these require annual safety checks that are part of maintenance. Don’t let this vital safety step slip through your schedule.

Let’s pay less to heat our homes!

Those energy bills can certainly climb high during the winter, right? There’s no way to avoid paying for the power necessary to run your heater, but you will absolutely pay more if your heating system misses maintenance. The accumulation of wear and tear on the heater after last winter will force the heater to work harder, and that means paying more for the same heating performance. Maintenance stops this slow slide and keeps bills under control.

Let’s have fewer heater repair problems!

We’re going to put ourselves out of some work with this advice, but we don’t mind: we want our customers to have the best home heating possible with the fewest hassles. Regular maintenance cuts in half the amount of repairs that a heating system will need during its service life. This will save you money and the uncomfortable annoyance of having a failed heater during the winter.

Let’s keep our heaters working longer!

Everyone wants expensive appliances in their home to have the longest service lives possible. (“Forever” would be nice, but that’s not happening.) A heating system can only enjoy its maximum service life if it has annual maintenance from professionals. Without maintenance, some heaters may fail after only half of their estimated service life.

Let’s keep those warranties valid!

The warranty that comes with a heating system is an important consumer protection. As long as the warranty on your heater is valid, it keeps you from having to pay for pricey repairs due to manufacturer’s faults. However, a heater must have quality care to ensure the warranty stays in force—that means regular maintenance from professionals. 

To get started with your fall heating maintenance, reach out to us today and we’ll get you on the schedule.

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