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Why Isn’t My Ductless Indoor Blower Working?

Ductless systems are very convenient, but one problem that can arise is an issue with an indoor blower. The good news is that because each blower operates independently, one blower having an issue does not mean the others will. However, it is important to have a broken blower repaired right away so that excess strain isn’t placed on your other operating blowers. Why isn’t your blower working? There can be a number of reasons for this, and we’ll explain the more common ones below.

Electrical Issues

Each indoor blower has its own power cord and wiring within the blower. Problems with wiring can develop with use, such as frayed wiring or corrosion. If a wire is damaged enough, it won’t relay electricity as needed. The same is true for the power cord. If it is damaged in some way, it will be necessary to replace the cord.

Problems with the Fan

Every indoor blower has its own small fan. This fan is responsible for pushing out the air to your home’s living spaces. If the fan is inoperable, the blower will not turn on as a safety precaution.

Clogged Air Filter

Every indoor blower has its own small air filter. Just as a clogged, dirty air filter can stop the operation of traditional heating system, it can do the same with a ductless blower. Having an expert remove the dirty filter and replace it with a clean one is the best course of action.

Clogged Condensate Line

Each indoor blower has a condensate line that removes excess water. This line can be rather long, which can make it prone to developing clogs. If a clog should develop, the line will back up with water. Once there is enough water backed-up in the line, your indoor blower won’t operate until the line is cleared.

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