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Don’t Let Uneven Heating Get You Down

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When you live somewhere that the average high in the winter time is between 36 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s no secret that an efficiently and effectively working heating system is absolutely vital to the comfort and health of your family. One of the most common Allendale, NJ heating repair calls we get is in regards to uneven heating within one’s home.

Many homeowners may not even think much of uneven heating—after all it makes sense that an upper floor would stay warmer than a lower floor, since heat rises, right? While this can of course cause some temperature fluctuation, you should never settle for discomfort while using your heater. You shouldn’t have to resort to just keeping out of the cooler rooms or turning the temperature up so high that it’s sweltering in one area but cooler in another.

What Causes This Uneven Heating?

There are a number of small issues that can occur that impact the capabilities of your heating system. For example, you may have breached ductwork. The air ducts in your home can actually accumulate damage fairly easily, and as a result warmed air may escape into unused areas such as your attic or crawlspace—never making its way through the vents and into your home.

Another culprit of uneven heating is an improperly sized HVAC unit. A system that is too small for the area in which it’s intended to heat cannot possibly do so in an effective manner. If you inherited your heater with your home and have this problem, then a system upgrade may be in order. Be sure to only trust professionals for the installation, and remember that just as too small of a heater can create problems, so can too large of a heater.

Vent troubles can also result in uneven heating. Perhaps you unknowingly moved furniture in front of the vents in your home, which can be easily resolved. Dirty vents can also create an airflow issue, not necessarily cooling the temperature but restricting the flow of air, making it seem as though not enough warm air is making its way in. Be sure to every couple of months or so brush off your dusty intake vents. It’s a good practice to do this just as often as you change your air filter—which should be every 1-3 months.

One last potential offender against the heating capabilities within your home is the insulation that you have installed. If your insulation was installed poorly or is not very good quality, then heat can escape through walls and windows, around the cracks of doors, and through the attic. Uneven heating is an indication that this is happening, since poorly insulated rooms will naturally feel much colder. Additionally, poor insulation will also allow heat in during the stuffy summers we experience, making this a year-round issue.

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