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Top Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairs ASAP! 


You want to make it through another frigid winter in New Jersey in comfort inside your home. That requires your boiler to work in good condition. If you remembered to have maintenance done for it during the fall, then you should have few worries. (And if you haven’t scheduled this important boiler service in Bergen County, NJ, it’s still not too late! It needs to be done once a year, even if it’s late.)

But nothing can prevent all boiler problems, so we recommend you keep an eye and ear out for signs that your boiler needs repair work. The sooner you catch the trouble, the easier it will be to fix and the less likely you’ll find yourself trapped with a boiler that won’t work at all!

Here are some common warning signs of a boiler that needs help from our technicians:

Heating delays and uneven heating

Boilers deliver heat to rooms through different terminal points, such as radiators and baseboard heaters. When your boiler turns on, it’s supposed to send heat to all these points. If you start to notice that some rooms are taking longer to heat up than before, it can point toward issues in the boiler manifold, blockage in the lines, or the boiler starting to lose its heating power. This sometimes warns that the boiler is too old and needs replacement.


You never want to see water leaking from a boiler. Boilers are closed-loop systems that circulate the same amount of water. When leaks occur, not only do the leaks need to be repaired, but the amount of water lost needs to be restored. As soon as you see water leaking from any part of your boiler, call for the professionals immediately.

Unusual odors

You might notice several strange odors coming from your boiler, and none of them are good news. Carbon monoxide leaks are the most concerning. Although CO is naturally colorless, odorless, and tasteless, natural gas manufacturers place a chemical called mercaptan into it so that it gives off a rotten-egg smell that people can detect. If you notice this odor around your boiler, shut it off immediately and call the gas company first. Later you can call us to see about repairing or replacing your boiler. 

Strange sounds

You’ll know what your boiler normally sounds like as it runs, so watch out when strange or loud noises start to interrupt this. If you hear the boiler rumbling, it’s probably overheating. Don’t worry that your boiler will explode: this is extremely rare. But it’s still a concerning noise that needs professionals to investigate it right away.

Higher than normal bills

This is a warning sign that applies to all heating systems. If you see that your heating costs have taken a sudden rise that you can’t account for, it likely means that something is wrong with the boiler that is forcing it to work harder than normal. Our technicians can get to the bottom of the problem and see what repairs we need to do. 

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