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There’s Rust on My Furnace, Should I Call for Repairs?

Furnaces do not use water in their heating cycle the way that hydronic systems like boilers do. It would seem strange for rust to form on a gas furnace—yet it still happens. If you discover rust on your furnace, you may need repairs—or even a replacement furnace. Regardless of the outcome, you should call professionals to take a look at your heating system to decide the best path to take.

DB Heating & Cooling has technicians ready 24 hours a day to work on your furnace repair in Bergen County, NJ. Don’t delay calling, because a rusty gas furnace is a potential safety hazard.

Rust and your furnace

Rust can occur on a gas furnace because of the reaction of combustion fumes and metal. Usually, the proper venting of exhaust will prevent this from occurring, so if you have a newer furnace and notice rust developing on it, you may have ineffective venting.

However, even with the vents working right, rust can start on a very old furnace. If your furnace is over 20 years old, the appearance of rust is often a sign that you should schedule a replacement. A furnace that has worked effectively for 20 years has more than lived up to its potential, and it is probably time to retire it before it retires itself—at a very inconvenient time.

Rust poses a particular danger to your furnace and you: corrosion across the heat exchanger. If a heat exchanger starts to corrode, it can develop cracks which will allow carbon monoxide exhaust to escape into the cabinet and possibly into your living spaces. This is why you should always take rust seriously and summon repairs when you notice it. A technician will be able to fix any problem and offer advice about whether the time has come to replace the furnace. If you gas to heat your home, you should also have carbon monoxide detectors installed.

Regular maintenance will help

You can help avoid rust in the first place with regular preventive maintenance. If you enroll in a maintenance program with a professional HVAC contractor, you will receive a yearly check-up on your furnace that will catch rust and the venting problems that can lead to it. A maintenance specialist will replace any damaged heat exchangers. Your furnace will run safer, and it will also run more efficiently.

DB Heating & Cooling offers customized maintenance plans to take care of your furnace. We can also handle any furnace repair in Bergen County, NJ, from corrosion to burned-out motors. Don’t hesitate if there’s an issue with your furnace: call DB Heating & Cooling today.

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