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Problems You May Run Into With Your Ductless Heating System


We think that ductless cooling and ductless heating in Bergen County, NJ is one the best ways for homes to find flexible solutions to their year-round comfort needs. If you already have a ductless HVAC system in your home, you probably agree with us and wonder how you could ever go back to one of those more cumbersome central ducted systems.

Now, however, you’ve got a complaint: something’s not right with your ductless mini split heat pump. Unfortunately, no comfort device will work flawlessly a hundred percent of the time. This is why our expert technicians handle all aspects of ductless heating and cooling, including repairs.

What might go wrong with a ductless system? We’ll take a look below. Reach out to us as soon as you think you need pros to fix your ductless mini split heat pump.

Uneven Heating/Cooling

This is a trouble that any type of multi-room HVAC system can encounter. Some areas are getting the comfort they need, while others are too hot or cold. 

With a ductless system, the trouble is likely because one of the individual blower units mounted in a room has a clogged filter or problems with its motors. You can take out the filter yourself and clean it and replace it. (Let it dry thoroughly before putting it back.) Motor issues are something to leave to experts.

Uneven comfort might also be due to problems with connections between the various wall units and the outdoor unit that handles extracting or releasing heating. Pros can also fix this issue.

Sagging Blowers 

Here’s a problem that you can identify with just your eyes: one of the wall-mounted units is starting to sag. This isn’t something to ignore because it’s possible the reason the blower is listing is because of condensate leaks behind it. This can lead to the blower tearing loose, damaging the wall in the process. Don’t hesitate to call for repairs, and please don’t try to “right” the blower yourself.

Efficiency Trouble 

One reason we love ductless HVAC systems is because of their high energy efficiency. So if you start to notice you’ve got steeply climbing electric bills during a time of the year when your ductless system runs regularly, it’s warning you that something is interfering with its operation (refrigerant leaks, failing compressor, lack of maintenance). Let our techs give the system an inspection and we’ll find what’s causing the efficiency drop.

Blower Won’t Turn on or Off

You operate your HVAC system using remotes for each of the blowers. If one or more of the blowers isn’t turning on when you need it to, first check on the batteries for the remote. Next, clean out the filter if it’s clogged. If this doesn’t solve the problem, there may be an issue with the power supply or the motor might have failed. Time to give our pros a call.

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