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Emerson, NJ Heating Tip: 3 Important Things to Consider Before a Heating Installation

Are you ready for a heating installation in your Emerson, NJ home? Let the HVAC experts at DB Heating & Cooling prepare you for a new heating system installation.

Here are a few things to consider before you have a new heater installed in your home.


Many homeowners think that upgrading to a high-efficiency system is enough to save them on their heating bills. But if your home is not adequately insulated, you won’t get the most out of this new system. You should have your home assessed with a professional home energy audit. The results will show you areas that could use some improvement, such as better insulation and other weatherization upgrades.

Choosing the Right Heating System

Have you ever considered a different type of heating system? While any new high-efficiency system will provide better energy savings than an older heating system, you could get more savings with a different type of system. You may want to upgrade an old furnace or boiler to a ductless mini split heat pump to provide heating and cooling. We can help you choose among our wide selection of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, zone control, and many other system upgrades!


If you are installing a forced air system, you’ll need to know the condition of your ductwork, unless your home doesn’t have a duct system in place. The condition of your ductwork will determine whether or not it would be more cost-effective to switch to another type of system. We can retrofit your current forced air system for zone control for more efficient heating.

Contact the Emerson, NJ heating experts at DB Heating & Cooling to go over your options.

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