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Emerson, NJ Boiler Repair Guide: Hissing from Your Boiler

If your home has a boiler keeping you warm during the chilly months, then you probably haven’t noticed them at work that often. There’s a good reason for this: boilers run with minimum noise. They are one of the quietest home comfort systems on the market. You don’t have to deal with the thumping and whooshing sounds of a furnace when you’ve got a boiler.

When a boiler does make an unexpected sound, you need to look into it. Boilers rarely need repairs because they have few moving parts, but not even the most advanced model is invulnerable. If you hear a hissing sound coming from your boiler, it might be time to schedule repairs. Hire experienced technicians to handle boiler repair in Emerson, NJ. DB Heating & Cooling can make sure to cure your boiler of whatever ails it.

The main reason for a hissing boiler is overheating. There are a number of different causes for this that you might need to investigate. One is an increase in limescale inside the tank. Limescale can result from having water with excess calcium and magnesium in it. Having scale removed can be a large task that will need expert work from a technician.

Fortunately, the other main reason for overheating, a buildup of silt at the bottom of the tank, is a simpler fix. Dirt and sand and sometimes enter the boiler tank through breaks in pipes or at loose connections. The silt gathers at the bottom of the tank, and the reduction of space inside will cause the tank’s water to overheat. Get a professional to flush the system, and this should take care of the problem. Scheduling regular maintenance will help prevent this in the future—and it will help with preventing limescale as well.

A jammed circulator pump might also cause hissing in a boiler. This sometimes happens at the start of the heating season because the inactive boiler has picked up corrosion and rust on the pump. A professional should also have little problem fixing this.

If you hear your boiler hissing, please do not become overly anxious: it’s unlikely your boiler is about to explode. However, this does require attention before the boiler sustains further damage and stops working entirely. You don’t want to lose all those fantastic benefits of a boiler right when you need them the most! Look for boiler repair in Emerson, NJ from DB Heating & Cooling.

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