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Changing the Air Filter Each Month Makes Your Furnace Work Better

The air filter in your heating and air conditioning system removes dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air in your home so that you can breathe a little easier when the system is running. And this isn’t the air filter’s only responsibility. A primary purpose of an air filter is to protect your furnace, as incoming debris could damage the interior of your system.

But as time goes on and the filter clogs up with more and more dust, it can no longer be of much benefit to your heating system. The blower fan in your furnace draws in air from around your home, but airflow becomes limited when a layer of dust and debris is in the way. The less air your system can take in, the more uncomfortable you feel. And since the furnace cannot do its job properly, the parts may actually become overworked.

Change your filter

Changing the air filter each and every month is vital to the performance and efficiency of your system. You’ll save money since your furnace does not have to put in so much energy with each cycle. First, be sure that the heating and AC systems are completely shut off.

You can find a new filter at your local hardware store, but check the owner’s manual of your furnace first to be sure you get the right one. Next, locate the filter you want to replace. It may be located in a compartment of the furnace unit or in a return grille on the wall or ceiling of your home.

Finally, simply pull out the filter and replace it with the new one. Usually, arrows indicate which side of the filter should be facing out.

Consider a reusable filter

Don’t want to spend money purchasing a new filter for each month of the year? Consider purchasing a washable filter. These filters may cost a little more upfront, but all you need is a vacuum and a hose and your filter will last you for many years. You can vacuum up loose debris before using running water to get off all the dirt. Let the air filter dry for a couple of hours before returning it.

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