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Why Choose a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

If the time has come to remove the old air conditioner in your house and prepare yourself for the summer with a new system, you may wish to consider the current technology of ductless mini splits. These systems have some tremendous advantages you should take into account, and they may end up as the ideal choice to solve the comfort issues in your home.

Ductless mini splits work through a series of individual blowers mounted throughout a home that send conditioned air directly into the rooms. Each of the blowers connects through refrigerant lines and power lines to the outdoor unit; there’s no need for a single indoor unit that uses ducts to distribute air.

To receive answers to all your questions about ductless mini splits, or for repairs and maintenance on your current air conditioning in Emerson, NJ—ductless or otherwise—call DB Heating & Cooling.

You should consider a ductless mini split system…

  • …because they are both air conditioners and heaters: Ductless systems are heat pumps; their full name is “ductless mini split heat pumps.” Like all heat pumps, they operate as air conditioners that can reverse the direction they move heat so they will also bring warm air from the outside to the inside. When you install a ductless mini split to solve your needs for air conditioning, you also have your needs for heating solved at the same time—and with no extra space needed for another heater.
  • …because you’ll have higher quality air: Air conditioning systems that use ductwork will encounter trouble with picking up contamination and pollutants inside the ducts and blowing them out into living spaces, lowering the air quality. Although regular duct cleanings can alleviate this issue, there will always be some amount of dust or dirt trapped inside ductwork. But ductless mini split heat pumps eliminate this problem—because they lack ducts! You can expect cleaner indoor air, and this is especially beneficial if you have people with allergies living in your home.
  • …because you’ll have zone control cooling: The separate blowers mounted in the rooms means you can reduce or shut off cooling in the rooms independent of each other. You no longer need to cool down the whole home each time you turn on the air conditioning, and this will lead to large savings off your energy bills. Individuals can also control the temperature at their location to meet their specific comfort needs.

Is ductless the way to go for your home?

Installing a ductless mini split heat pump is a fantastic option for new home construction, add-on rooms, or any house that lacks ducts. However, if your home already has a ventilation system installed, you may wish to opt for a standard heat pump that will hook up to the existing ductwork.

For an informed opinion about the right type of air conditioning in Emerson, NH to fit your home, contact DB Heating & Cooling and speak to our ductless installation specialists today.

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