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How to Care for Your Heat Pump

vent-low-on-wallIf you’re utilizing a heat pump already for your cooling and heating needs, then you may have already heard the recommendation for twice-a-year maintenance. Perhaps you brushed this suggestion off–after all, you don’t see anything obviously wrong with your heat pump, so why should you invest in a service that you don’t need? Well, the fact of the matter is, a heat pump won’t always show signs of malfunctioning before it gives out. Biannual maintenance is great because you can spot problems on the horizon before they start wreaking havoc on the system and disrupting the comfort of your home.

Maintenance is vital when it comes to properly caring for your heat pump, in addition to a couple other steps. We’ll cover these steps below. Keep reading!

Schedule Biannual Preventative Maintenance

There are a few reasons why it’s so important that you schedule professional maintenance for your heat pump twice a year. First off, maintenance can help you avoid up to 85% of the repair needs your system may ever need in its lifetime. This is because during your maintenance session, our technicians thoroughly inspect and adjust components in the system that need it. This helps us locate problem spots, and allows you to get repairs on your schedule before these problem spots turn into major repair issues that will cost you an arm and a leg.

Since you use your heat pump so much–for cooling in the summer and for heating in the winter–it’s vital that you have the system tuned up twice annually.

Change the Air Filter

Do you know why there’s an air filter in your HVAC system? No, it’s not to protect your indoor air quality. Of course, it doesn’t hurt your indoor air quality–it does pull some level of dust and other contaminants out of the air you breathe. But its actual purpose is to protect the heat pump itself from dust, dirt, and other debris that can get in and damage the components.

When the air filter gets too clogged up, it restricts airflow. When airflow is restricted, your heat pump will run longer than normal to try to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat. This is an unnecessary drain on your energy and will wind up costing you more in monthly utility costs than it should.

Remove Obstructions to Airflow

Just like a clogged air filter can create airflow issues, so too can blocked vents or a clogged up outdoor unit. Check that there is no furniture or belongings that are blocking floor vents in your home, and then look around the outdoor unit–things like tree branches, lawn mulch, and leaves can restrict airflow and cause a number of operational problems that cause the heat pump to work harder and use more energy than should be necessary.

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