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Can I Use Any HVAC Professional for My Commercial AC?

Understanding basic mechanics is a must for any job involving HVAC service, but it isn’t enough to perform installation, maintenance, repair or replacement of a system, especially when dealing with commercial systems. This is why hiring a residential-only technician to repair your commercial air conditioner is likely to have poor results. This is also why we have both residential and commercial heating and cooling technicians at DB Heating & Cooling: we know that commercial AC systems require a different level of expertise from residential ones, and we know that business owners in Saddle River, NJ, need this expertise. What are some of the differences? Let’s take a look:

Size of the Systems

Residential systems average about 3 tons, and typically aren’t bigger than 5 tons. Commercial systems range from 6 tons to over 20 tons, because they have to cool a large amount of space. Additionally, many commercial systems are package units, meaning a single, large metal cabinet contains all the components for both heating and cooling. This can make these systems complex.


Commercial spaces can be large, so the ductwork has to extend considerably to ensure that all areas are cooled properly. Additionally, many commercial space ductwork systems are connected to other systems, including alarm and fire safety systems. These factors make the ventilation system far more complex than the average home.

Use of Modular Cooling

Modular cooling and heating is becoming a popular option for many business owners because the systems allow the owners to increase or decrease heating or cooling by adding or removing modules of the system. Because of their structure, these systems may be confusing to a non-commercial technician.

If your business space in uncomfortable due to unaccommodating temperatures from your AC, this can adversely and directly impact your business. Don’t take a risk by hiring anyone but a trained and certified commercial expert to perform the work. Instead, call the commercial experts at DB Heating & Cooling today.

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