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Why You Need Specialists for Your Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

An effective air conditioning system to keep your business cool during the summer isn’t a luxury anymore—it’s a necessity. The best way to make sure that your business’ AC keeps running is to have professional, qualified technicians take care of all maintenance and repairs the system needs.

We need to emphasize qualified. Not every repair technician familiar with residential air conditioning is qualified to work on your commercial AC. It requires specialized training to handle commercial systems, and you can’t find that everywhere. Your best option is to call DB Heating & Cooling and our commercial HVAC staff to handle your needs for commercial air conditioning repair in Bergen County, NJ.

We not only have the qualifications for the repair work you need, but we are available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Call us today to set up an appointment.

The reasons you need commercial-qualified specialists

There are some significant differences between commercial and residential air conditioning. Although an air conditioner works through the same process no matter where it is installed—heat exchange using refrigerant—commercial systems are different in size and configuration, and that means they have some specific needs that take specialized training.

The extent of commercial systems is the difference that will be most obvious to someone unfamiliar with the HVAC world. The average cooling load of even light commercial work is 25-tons, twice what most homes require. Standard size for the majority of businesses is 50-tons or greater. This level of cooling needs training to take into account the power of the motors and the refrigerant needs.

Commercial systems have different configurations from those used in homes. The standard residential AC is a “split” system with separate indoor and outdoor cabinets. But commercial air conditioning uses a packaged unit, with a single cabinet that houses all the components in a single place: evaporator coil, condensing coil, compressor, fan, blower, motors, etc. This makes it easier for a technician to service the system without disrupting workflow, and it also removes the noisy indoor unit to the outside.

Commercial systems are also modular, allowing for an increase in cooling capacity without needing to replace the entire system. This adds a new layer a complexity to the individual modules that is not found in residential air conditioners.

Finally, commercial air conditioners have a much more intricate system of zone control and multiple thermostats designed to serve many people with differing comfort needs. The complexity of the thermostat network is far beyond that found in most homes.

Make sure that you have the number of a qualified company for commercial air conditioning repair in Bergen County, NJ handy should you encounter any trouble with your AC. DB Heating & Cooling is ready any time of the day or night to assist you.

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