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Why Isn’t My Heat Pump Cooling?

Many homeowners with heat pump systems will sing the praises of the unit, and it’s understandable why. They are very energy efficient and can supply your home with both heating and cooling. However, if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of realizing that your heat pump isn’t cooling as needed, then you know that, like all other HVAC systems, your heat pump will need repair at some point. There are a few reasons that can cause your heat pump to have problems cooling your home:

  • The air filter is clogged – when the air filter in your heat pump system is clogged, it reduces the air flow; reduced air flow will have a negative effect on your system, ranging from low air volume to overall poor performance. You can usually remedy this by replacing the clogged air filter with a new one.
  • There are issues with the compressor – heat pumps cool and heat your home by transferring heat from one location to another; the compressor is a key component in that process. When there are issues with the compressor, there will likely be issues with your cooling.
  • There’s a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system – your heat pump has to have a specific amount of refrigerant in order to work properly. Leaks can be common, and a leak will lower the amount of refrigerant in your system, thereby affecting the heat release/cooling process.
  • There’s an issue with the reversing valve – the reversing valve is the component that allows your heat pump to switch between heating and cooling. This is because the reversing valve changes the direction in which the refrigerant is flowing. If the valve has gotten stuck in heating mode or in-between modes, your system won’t be able to cool.

The best course of action to take when your heat pump won’t adequately cool your home is to call the experts at DB Heating & Cooling. Our professionals can help you with all of your heat pump repair needs in Oradell, NJ.

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