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Why Does Ductless Maintenance Matter?

closeup-view-of-hand-turning-on-ductless-air-handler-remotelyUsing a ductless system to cool (and heat) the home has become a popular option for many individuals throughout Rockland and Bergen County, and for good reason! These systems operate on heat pump technology, which gives them that functionality to both cool and heat the home. They use heat transfer rather than heat generation during the winter, making them similar in setup to the traditional central air conditioner—and making them more efficient than a standard central AC or central furnace.

If you already have one in place, then you already know all this! But, do you know how important maintenance is? Professional maintenance is a service that allows our technicians to inspect your entire HVAC system, checking for anything that needs adjustment, cleaning the system, and looking for signs of repairs.

Why is this service even more important for your ductless air conditioning in Emerson, NJ, though? We’ll answer below!

Maintaining Your Ductless System

First off, because a ductless system gets year round use, it needs more than just the typical annual tune-up that a central AC or central furnace gets. You’ll need to schedule biannual maintenance for this system, once before summer and once again before winter. Additionally, if you’re reading this and do not already have a ductless system in place but are considering it, please choose an experienced professional for the installation. Without professional installation and maintenance, you could experience one or more of these unique ductless repair needs:

Water Leaks Behind the Air Handlers: Each of the wall-mounted air handlers of a ductless system has a series of connections routed through a hold behind it—a power line, refrigerant line, and condensate line. This last one removes water moisture from the cooling process so that it doesn’t enter your home. If this line springs a leak, it will cause water to soak through your drywall. This creates property damage and can also cause the air handler to split away from the wall and subsequently separate from it altogether, crashing down and accumulating damage or even requiring replacement.

Broken Air Handlers: As illustrated in the above point, you may have a broken air handler. The good news with this is, even if you have one broken air handler, the rest of the air handlers throughout your home will still continue to run. The only part of a home that loses cooling/heating is the one with the broken air handler. When one of these units stops working, call for repairs, and go hang out in another room until the trouble is fixed.

Leaking Refrigerant Line: This isn’t so much a unique repair need to ductless systems as it can happen with any air conditioner.  What’s unique about a ductless system is that when a refrigerant leak occurs, it can be even more hazardous than in a standard system. This is because refrigerant goes to each of your air handlers, so if the leak is behind one of them, you’re being exposed to it in your home, plus it can damage the wall the air handler is attached to as well as anything else against that wall.

We don’t say any of this to discourage you from using a ductless system, but rather to express the importance of scheduling routine maintenance. Be sure to contact our team for all your ductless service needs!

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