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What to Expect From Air Conditioning Maintenance

As we discussed in our blog post last week, it’s never too early to start thinking about your AC system. In addition to taking care of repairs and changing your air filter, scheduling preventive maintenance is essential to making sure that your AC gives you the performance you deserve this summer. But what do HVAC technicians actually do during maintenance? Why is this so necessary?

Check Refrigerant Levels

Your AC system is supplied with enough refrigerant to last its entire lifecycle, ideally. Occasionally, your refrigerant line may leak and will result in refrigerant loss. Not only will this negatively impact your AC system’s ability to cool your living space, but it can also cause considerable damage to your compressor.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Over time, motors and other mechanical components off   your air conditioner may develop friction from natural wear and tear. Eventually, this can cause considerable system damage. However, during your maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician will lubricate these moving parts in order to reduce the stress being put on them.

Check Thermostat

If your thermostat is not calibrated correctly, it can negatively impact the performance of your air conditioning system. Your HVAC technician can restore your existing thermostat to correctly sense temperatures, or may offer a recommendation for a new, updated thermostat.


Debris such as dust and dirt build up on your evaporator and condenser coils, and can severely restrict the performance of these components. Your HVAC technician cleans this, as well as your air filter. An air filter’s purpose is to protect the inside components of your system.

Allowing air filters to get clogged and dirty will seriously impede your AC’s energy efficiency. One last component that must be cleaned is the condensate pan and drain, where water moisture collects and could cause mildew if not managed correctly.

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