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The Benefits of Zone Control

By this time of the year, you have likely been trying to manage your thermostat closely to save some energy. But do you set the thermostat to one temperature only to find that someone else in your home has changed it? The battle over the thermostat is a common one, and if you are looking to put a permanent end to it and gain some other great benefits, the AC experts at DB Heating & Cooling recommend you consider the use of a zone control system.

What Is It?

A zone control system controls the cool air coming into your home at the source: inside your return ductwork. The way this happens is that your trained technician will first determine with you what the various zones will be, and once those zone are established, a series of motorized dampers are installed into the return ductwork to create those zones.

How Does It Work?

The motorized dampers and the thermostats in each zone are connected to a main control panel. This panel takes the information, i.e., the temperature settings in each zone and then opens and closes the dampers in the zone control system as needed to maintain the temperature. It all works automatically; all you have to do is set the temperature that you want in each zone.

The Benefits

Here are some of the benefits a zone control system can offer:

  • Customized comfort – each zone operates independently, allowing you to fully control your cooling in each zone.
  • Better energy efficiency – with a zone control system you use only the cooling you need instead of cooling your entire home as with a single thermostat.
  • Less stress on your AC – when you need less cooling, your system operates less, putting less stress on your system.

Think a zone control system may be for your home in Bergen County, NJ? Give us a call today!

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