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Is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Summer is quickly approaching, and you’ll likely be turning to your air conditioner to provide cooling relief pretty soon. Hopefully, you’ve kept your AC system well maintained and taken care of, and it hasn’t given you any detrimental problems. Regular maintenance does ensure that your HVAC professionals will be able to fully inspect and clean your system, in addition to recommending repairs to keep it functioning as efficiently as possible for the years to come.

However, even the most well maintained air conditioning system will eventually wear down and need replacement. But how do you know if it’s truly time for a new unit? Keep reading below for a few of the most common signs that you’re due for an air conditioner replacement.

Old Age

With proper installation and regular tune-ups, your air conditioner has the ability to last a decade or more. Of course, that’s also dependent on your cooling habits. As the system ages however, it because more susceptible to problems, and the performance of your AC unit might suffer.

Are you unsure of how old your system is? Look at the name plate or sticker on the side of your outdoor unit—this is usually where the manufacturer date is located.

Frequent Repairs

No matter what type of air conditioning system you use, at some time or another it will need a repair. However, if your system is on the older side and you’re finding that you need repairs more and more often, then it might be wise to consider a replacement. In fact, if you are facing a repair that is going to cost half the amount of replacing your system, then the latter is probably your better option.

Higher Monthly Costs

Are your utility bills increasing despite no change in your air conditioning use? Be sure to check with your neighbors. If you are paying more than them, this could very well be indicative of a poorly performing air conditioner. Aging systems will simply not operate as efficiently as their newer counterparts.

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