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Here’s One Way You Can Improve AC Efficiency

improve-ac-efficiency-one-wayWhen it comes to professional air conditioning services in Mahwah, NJ, our HVAC professionals know their stuff. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, and provide advice that can help you save money, stay safe, and feel more comfortable in your household. One way we like to do that is by helping you understand how to most efficiently use your air conditioner. And one method of doing so is by utilizing a ceiling fan!

Does a Ceiling Fan Effectively Cool My Home?

Yes and no. A ceiling fan will not lower the temperature of your home, and you can’t expect it to. However, the way the components in a ceiling fan work to move air, it can help you feel cooler, especially when coupled with your air conditioning system.

Your air conditioner has a lot going for it—refrigerant to transfer heat from the inside air to outdoors, an indoor coil to help absorb heat and cool down, and a compressor to add pressure to the refrigerant. A ceiling fan is a lot less complex, and can’t be expected to keep you comfortable all on its own during the hot summer months. But, let’s take a look at how it helps your AC out!

Ceiling Fans Help Lower Your Cooling Bills!

As we stated above, a fan alone cannot cool your home. But it could help you save money on air conditioning by doing a better job of evenly distributing all the air your cooling system produces. A stagnant vent on a wall alone may not move air through your living space as effectively as you’d like, so ceiling fans can be pretty helpful.

Ceiling fans help to push cool air down and circulate it through the room in which they’re installed. This cools your rooms faster, which means your AC system can shut off sooner and/or you won’t have to set your thermostat as low—reducing your monthly bills.

You’ve likely noticed that you feel cooler standing below or in front of a fan. It’s not because it’s cooling the air but rather because fans help sweat to evaporate from our bodies with ease. This can decrease your dependency on your air conditioning system and require less use, and thus more energy and cost savings.

Ceiling Fans Have Heating Benefits, Too!

Since we are well on our way to consistent summer temperatures, you probably aren’t thinking too much about your heater, but this will help you when winter rolls back around—the same way ceiling fans help with your AC efficiency, they can help with your heating efficiency too.

Although, be sure to find the switch near the center of your fan—this reverses the direction of the fan blades so that it pushes the warm air down and more evenly distributes the heat, so that your heater doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job.

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