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Could Your AC System Be Causing Water Damage?

As a homeowner, one of the most devastating and costly problems to deal with is water damage, especially since this can lead to a multitude of other problems such as damaged walls, flooring, and even mold development. What many New Jersey homeowners don’t realize is that their HVAC system may actually be the culprit of water damage.

Naturally, your air conditioner produces condensation. This can cause water to leak into your home, with potentially disastrous consequences. Neither structural damage nor mold development is an easy thing to contend with, and can lead to costly repairs.

How Do I Know If my AC System Is Causing Water Damage?

Unfortunately, in most cases homeowners don’t detect water damage until it’s already gone too far. Plus, if mold has been introduced into your HVAC system and your home, this can cause you and your family to experience health issues.

Essentially, if you see or hear water dripping from a wall but cannot determine the source, it may very well be from your air conditioning system. But what can you do about it?

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to resolve water damage—or potential water damage—from your HVAC system is to have it regularly maintained. During maintenance, your HVAC professional will fully inspect your system, determining right then if there might be any water or mold issues you should be aware of, but also conducting cleaning and repairs that can prevent his from happening in the first place.

Preventing water damage is not the only benefit of a comprehensive maintenance plan either. These regular tune-ups help ensure that your air conditioner performs as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. Additionally, our maintenance plans come with discounts on parts, labors, and diagnostic fees, plus a two-year warranty on repairs.

For air conditioning maintenance services in Wyckoff, NJ, contact DB Heating & Cooling, Inc today.

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