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What’s That Sound?

We are getting closer to air conditioning season here in Westwood, and spring offers a great time to test your AC to make sure it’s running as needed. If you choose to test your system before the hot weather arrives (and we recommend you do), you’ll want to listen to your air conditioner. Why? Because strange sounds are one of the main ways your AC lets you know that things are not ok. If you do hear something odd, your best course of action is to turn off your air conditioner and call the experts at DB Heating & Cooling for assistance.

What Sounds Are We Talking About?

As the homeowner, you know the normal operational sounds of your air conditioning system. The kinds of sounds that wouldn’t be considered “normal” are:

  • Buzzing – can indicate an electrical issue or a problem with a motor
  • Popping – likely an electrical issue, can also indicate debris has gotten in the way
  • Banging or thumping – loose fan blades that are hitting other parts of the system as the fan wheel turns
  • Hissing – can indicate a refrigerant leak or an issue with the compressor
  • Screeching – can indicate a loose fan belt or a pressure issue with the compressor. NOTE: If the screeching sound is coming from the area of your compressor, turn your AC off immediately and call for help, as this can be a serious situation.

Can I Check It Myself?

Unless you are a trained air conditioning expert, it is never good to attempt to discover the exact cause of a strange sound. You can listen closely if you like to try and pinpoint the area from which the sound is emanating, but let an expert perform the actual work.

The air conditioning specialists at DB Heating & Cooling bring years of AC repair experience to every job we do. If you hear strange sounds coming from your air conditioning system, whether it’s now or in the middle of the summer, give us a call and schedule a repair appointment.

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